Monsters Made with Love

Creating Love - One Stitch at a Time


It all began with a currently discontinued "Cuddle Monsters Kit" that I bought to do with my kids. I personally had a blast making my first Monster, the kids were less amused. For me, it was a creative outlet with very little planning and no responsibility to be perfect.

When a Monster stopped behaving like a Monster, did it stop being a Monster? Did it become something else? - Kristin Cashore
This is more than just a sewing kit; it is a self love & gift of giving adventure.

All of our Kits include: Written and Video Instructions, Needle, Pins, Safety Eyes, Floss, Fluff and Fleece. All you need to provide is a pencil, scissors, a dash of creativity and a WHOLE lot of LOVE.

The first step in every kit is to list something you love about yourself and the last step is to give the Monster a Hug.

It is encouraged to create your own Monster before you make one to give to another, or you can share the kit with some else.

With all of it’s faults and flaws you with love it, because there is no real perfect!

MicroSociety, the school is a society, a thriving, modern-day, mini-metropolis—complete with a government center, entrepreneurial hub, non-profit organizations, consumer marketplace, University and community gathering spaces—created and managed by students and facilitated by teachers and community mentors.

Each one is special in its own way!