It's Sew Easy to Create Your Own Monster Kit -  Neon Hearts

It's Sew Easy to Create Your Own Monster Kit - Neon Hearts

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The It's Sew Easy Kit is for those wanting to make a perfectly imperfect the measures roughly 8" x 5" know, bigger than a cell phone, but smaller than an Ipad.  

The It's Sew Easy Kit includes: Fleece, Fluff, Floss, Needle, Pins, Safety Eyes, Heart, Written and Video Instructions

The only thing you will need is scissors, pencil and a Whole Lotta Love.

Monsters Made with Love Monster Kits are great for people ages 5 to 105, all genders and sewing levels.  Adult involvement is recommended or those under the age of 10.  

  • Children learn a life long tool and exercise their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
  • Teens learn that its OK not to be perfect and express themselves authentically.
  • Adults learn about self-love, allow the time to relax and be relax.

This is more than just a sewing kit, it is a self-love & gift giving adventure.

Caution:  Kit contains small pieces, sharp parts, long string and are all packaged in a plastic bag.  Please keep away from small children, cute pets and irresponsible people.