Why Monsters?

When a Monster stopped behaving like a Monster, did it stop being a Monster? Did it become something else? - Kristin Cashore

Monsters are so misunderstood, but aren’t we all! They are meant to be odd and sometimes ugly. They are a way to be creative without being perfect or exact. You don’t have to know how to do fancy stitches or be an expert at anything. It takes the intimidation out of making something special. Some monsters can take minutes or others may take months to create. Supplies are small and simple, easy to travel with or work on at a moments notice. Making Monsters is a way of expressing a person’s uncomfortable characteristics like scars, physical abnormalities or even personality traits. Even though your Monster isn’t perfect, you will still love it with all of its faults and flaws, because there is no real perfect.

Greta was a Monster Made by Me for Me

When I first started making Monsters they were to give to people who needed to be loved. I never thought that I deserved to be loved before anyone else did. It took some deep thoughts and even a few tears before I realized how important it was to love myself first. That is why it’s kind of a Monster Rule. I made Greta over a cold winter’s weekend while working in Milwaukee. My friends were helping me design all the essentials the needed to go into the Monster Kits. I was going through a tough time with my boyfriend and making Greta was so therapeutic.

She has the shape of a bear, because my nickname is Momma Bear (I’m sweet & cuddly or fierce when I need to protect my cubs). She has 3 eyes, because I try to use my intuition. She has daisies, fairy wings and a booty, because if you know me, they are very fitting.

Not only has Greta helped me through some tough times, she has been my companion for some remarkably fun times.

Monsters Made by Me to Share

I give Monsters to people that needed a little bit more love in their lives.