How it all Began…

It all began with a currently discontinued "Cuddle Monsters Kit" that I bought to do with my kids. I personally had a blast making my first Monster, the kids were less amused. For me, it was a creative outlet with very little planning and no responsibility to be perfect.

Have you ever known a Monster to be symmetrical or proportioned? Their eyes are lopsided, mouths are crooked and most Monsters are downright so ugly, they are cute. The "Hot Mess" side of me found my new hobby. I can finally use all of the embroidery floss I had bought for the needlepoint flowered apron, that I got frustrated with. Not to mention, the piles of fleece and stuffing I bought to make pillows but was never home long enough to pull out the sewing machine....I was going to make Monsters, it was LOVE at first stitch!

The First Gift

was made for the my nephew, Will. I was back in Michigan for auto show training, which happened to be the same time that he was due. I had very little free time, so my mom and Aunt Ursula helped me create the special gift. It was interesting to see my mom, a true perfectionist, have the freedom to make mistakes. I could tell she wanted to pull out a ruler or count the stitches to make sure the fingers on each hand were even. Nope, can't do it, it's supposed to be a bit off, that’s what Monsters are all about. I really appreciated making this gift together with my family, for my warmed my heart and I felt the LOVE. Will was born just hours before my flight home to Florida. It was a true gift for me to hold him in my arms and give him the first of my many Monsters Made with Love.

How the Name was Born...and the First Booty

I met a new friend working an auto show, she was special, kind of like the little sister I never had. She was celebrating a big birthday and going through some tough life events. She needed something to cheer her up. So, I decided to make her a monster. With every stitch, I thought of all the things that made Kristi special. She made me laugh, taught me not to fear the karaoke mic, and danced around the world like fairy dust. This adorable little orange monster with a crooked smile like Kristi and a daisy in her hair like me, was created. Although something was missing...a Booty! Now she was complete. I was a bit nervous to give another adult woman a silly stuffed toy. When Kristi opened her gift, she looked at me with a warm crooked smile and said "She's Perfect". Then my friend asked with a look of bewilderment "How did you make this?" And without skipping a beat, I replied "With LOVE!"

Laurie Kay - Founder

After 15 years as an automotive product specialist, aka Auto Show Girl, I wanted to find something to do that was meaningful, creative and most of all kept me close to my kids.

With encouragement from my loved ones and divine intervention, I've found my purpose.

Gabrielle - Designer

She is a true artist, has an eye for color and can draw anything with ease. At 12 years old, she designed the MMwL logo and does all of the drawings in the kits. Currently, she is working as an illustrator for our first Monster Book.

Harrison - Assistant

He does it ALL! He helps with every aspect of the business; videos, kit production, the muscles and my therapy. He was one of the first students and is a constant support system to the entire business.

Timmy - The Cat

He is the constant distraction and reason there might be a little bit of furry love added to the Monsters.