Special Events, Workshops, Classes & Parties

Bring Monsters to your Next Special Event!

We have done hands-on sewing experiences for people of all ages at Maker Faire Orlando and FurEver Friendz Adoption Day. Guests create a Monster, Cat Toy with catnip, Dog Toy with a squeaker or let’s come up with another fun idea to go with your event. Most actives cost $10 or less, so it’s an affordable activity that teaches a craft while expressing love.

Kids Party

Need a new idea for a birthday party? Let’s Create Monsters! It’s an activity for both boys and girls. You can order Mini or It’s Sew Easy to Create Your Own Monster Kits to go along with your theme or a selection of different colors. I’ll even have fun ideas for Monster cupcakes!

Home School Activities

Organize a Monster making group or host a one time Monster creating a fun experience. Children will learn the lifelong tool of sewing while exercising fine motor skills and dexterity. Teens learn that it's OK to make a mistake, express themselves or show love to others by giving.

Work Shops

Groups of all ages that could use a little bit of Monster Love Therapy. It is extremely healing and self-motivating to make a gift for yourself, especially something so raw and bare as a Monster. Adding things that make you uncomfortable or self-consciousness, then holding that Monster so close to your heart and filling with love. Giving love to something that you have commonalities with is one step closer to self-love and acceptance. Hold the Monster when you are frustrated, tell it your problems and take through all of the wonderful journeys of your life.

Adult Party

When was the last time you got together with your friends? Open a bottle of wine, use that fancy coffee drink machine, have a few munchies and create! Host a Get Over Him Party, a We Finally Did Something For Ourselves Party, a Yes, We Always Knew You Were in the Closet Party. Celebrate life, love, and friendship, while validating self-worth and learning to laugh at your personal quirks.

Prices range from $15 to $25 for kits and hands-on teaching experiences. For larger parties, in the central Florida area, I will personally attend your party to show how much fun it is to create. Out of the area? Ask about personalized video instruction or Skype teaching. Travel expenses and additional teaching rates might apply.