About the Kits

All of our Kits include: Written and Video Instructions, Needle, Pins, Safety Eyes, Floss, Fluff and Fleece. All you need to provide is a pencil, scissors, a dash of creativity and a WHOLE lot of LOVE.

The first step in every kit is to list something you love about yourself and the last step is to give the Monster a Hug.

It is encouraged to create your own Monster before you make one to give to another, or you can share the kit with some else.

With all of it’s faults and flaws you with love it, because there is no real perfect!

Create Your Own Monster Kit & a Spare to Share

This is our flag ship kit. It is our most advanced sewing kit because it uses embroidery floss, which needs to be divided into 2-4 strands, depending on how aggressive you want the stitch to be. This kit also makes 2 Monsters averaging 8”x6” each. You can make one for yourself and then make one for someone who needs a little extra love. There is a letter included with the kit, so you can express why they are getting this wonderful personalized gift. Or if you don’t want to sew alone, you can teach a child a new way to unplug, grab a bottle of wine with a friend or spend some quality time with a loved one, making Monsters.

It’s Sew Easy to Create Your Own Monster Kit

In this more elementary kit you will create 1 Monster with average measurements of 8”x 6”. It includes less wordy instructions, but still includes the self-love philosophy. The floss in this kit doesn’t need to be divided; it is a bit easier to handle, with still giving a great stitch. This kit is perfect for someone new to making Monsters and sewing.

Create Your Own Mini Monster Kit

This kit really packs a lot into a tiny package. It includes the same supplies as the larger kits, but in smaller quantities to create a Monster around 5”x 3.5” in size. This is the perfect kit to give as a stocking stuffer, teacher gift, have as a birthday or shower activity. Special order kits to match the wedding party, baby’s room, show support for your sports team or sorority

More color combinations and custom kits are available